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A Glimpse
of Life


A parallel-world short story where a woman who has seen the life of her doppelganger in her dreams. Those dreams stopped when the doppelganger's son was just 3 years old. Unaware that its real, she ran into the doppelganger's son on the way home. He has grown and a high schooler. This is the story of spending some time with a son that not hers.



An ongoing story about the life of married couple before and after an accident. How they perceive life before and after marriage.

Disruption of Tomorrow

Disruption of Tommorrow (3).png

A 1000-word sneak peak about a tale of a girl, who was put in a situation where she, by saving herself, saves the country.


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A site known for poetry and short stories. I started to explore more about poetry there! Find my other works there!


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A site known for hosting millions of online books for free! I started my reading and writing journey here!



Poetry and story collaborations with other writers on Commaful

collaboration stories

In the Middle of Cemetery

I'm in the grave and the world is a lie 
A collaboration with @imaginarywriter

Constellations Buried in Skin (Part 2)

The second part of a collaboration of fifty-eight on creative connections between the wondrous worlds and ourselves!
Hosted by @stadarooni

One step at a time

The stepping stones are waiting to take you far into the unknown.
Hosted by @orcastogether


A collaboration hosted by @vpoem

A Tale of Unlimited Potential: Part 7 “Taking the First Step"

Community Collaboration Project By @kevenadams

The one that got away

A collaboration with @the_lonely_moon

Sky of Dreams

collaboration with @zenebra7

Song for You

Follow the sound of my voice
Collaboration with @imaginarywriter

Under The Veiled Sun

A collaboration of twenty-nine on the reveries and reawakening of reflection!

Hosted by @stadarooni

Trace and Retrace a Broken Smile

A collaboration of fifty-one on life's journey and the road back home!

Hosted by @stadarooni

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I started writing as a hobby since 15 years old. I discovered my passion for writing after reading books online. I decided I too can share my work no matter my experience in the field.

I write  both poems and stories. My works are Selfhood series where I've have published e-book and physical format of Selfhood Series' 2nd edition, Inner Turmoil. A short story called A Glimpse of Life.

Now working on a fantasy webtoon story called Curse of Astral and my debut novel HH (yet to announce).

Check out my feature on BANALOG MAGAZINE - ISSUE 1 


about author

Curse of Astral concept teaser

Coming soon!

"What happened to me? Why am I tied up?" The patient started to scream.

A line teaser from new short comic

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