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Hi everyone! I'm here to ask beginner writers what questions they have for writing. These questions are for my own research and to help fellow writers with what I can.

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Curse of Astral concept teaser


Selfhood Series: Inner Turmoil

This book compiles poems of the author’s beginning part of life where she was lost and gave up on trying. She also held up on little hope to survive. The author talks about the struggles of understanding living, and it reflects how she copes with it. One who reads may be able to relate with the thoughts and feelings.

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Behind the Author

I started writing as a hobby since 15 years old. I discovered my passion for writing after reading books online. I decided I too can share my work no matter my experience in the field. I write poems and stories. My works are Selfhood series where I've have published e-book and physical format of Selfhood Series' 2nd edition, Inner Turmoil. A short story called A Glimpse of Life. A ongoing novel Reverie. Now working on a fantasy story called Curse of Astral and a YA thriller novel.

"What happened to me? Why am I tied up?" The patient started to scream.

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