The Glimpse of Life


A parallel-world short story where a woman who has seen the life of her doppelganger in her dreams. Those dreams stopped when the doppelganger's son was just 3 years old. Unaware that its real, she ran into the doppelganger's son on the way home. He has grown and a high schooler. This is the story of spending some time with a son that not hers.



An ongoing story about the life of married couple before and after an accident. How they perceive life before and after marriage.

Disruption of Tomorrow

A 1000-word sneak peak about a tale of a girl, who was put in a situation where she, by saving herself, saves the country.


A site known for poetry and short stories. I started to explore more about poetry there! Find my other works there!


A site known for hosting millions of online books for free! I started my reading and writing journey here!

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