Woman Writing


Poetry and story collaborations with other writers on Commaful

In the Middle of Cemetery

I'm in the grave and the world is a lie 
A collaboration with @imaginarywriter

Constellations Buried in Skin (Part 2)

The second part of a collaboration of fifty-eight on creative connections between the wondrous worlds and ourselves!
Hosted by @stadarooni

One step at a time

The stepping stones are waiting to take you far into the unknown.
Hosted by @orcastogether


A collaboration hosted by @vpoem

A Tale of Unlimited Potential: Part 7 “Taking the First Step"

Community Collaboration Project By @kevenadams

The one that got away

A collaboration with @the_lonely_moon

Sky of Dreams

collaboration with @zenebra7

Song for You

Follow the sound of my voice
Collaboration with @imaginarywriter

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