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about bashayar

I started writing as a hobby since 15 years old. I discovered my passion for writing after reading books online. I decided I too can share my work no matter my experience in the field.

I write  both poems and stories. My works are Selfhood series where I've have published e-book and physical format of Selfhood Series' 2nd edition, Inner Turmoil. A short story called A Glimpse of Life.

Now working on a fantasy webtoon story called Curse of Astral and my debut novel HH (yet to announce).

I read Romance, Comedy, Slice of life, Action, Fantasy, Dystopian mostly.
I will read if it's interesting and captivating!

I write (published and work in progress) Free-verse poetry, Short stories, novels, webtoon- scriptwriting, unconventional story telling/plots.
Genres various in Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Psychological thriller, Slice of life, Dystopian, Romance, YA, NA and etc.!

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